Quality Resource: The Ways

The Ways are stories on culture and language from native communities around the central Great Lakes. There are twelve stories in total and they were created for 6th – 12th grade audiences (and of course, adults). For this reason, be sure to watch the film in it’s entirety before sharing with your students or children so you’re a bit more prepared for questions they may have (especially if your students or children are younger than 6th grade). There are great resources to accompany each video to assist in your learning.

The Ways were created to:

  • Expand and challenge knowledge and understanding of contemporary Native American culture and language.
  • Explore the role of language and culture in Native identity and community empowerment.
  • Provide resources to assist in meeting Wisconsin Act 31 requirements and Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Social Studies.
  • Leverage digital media to support accessibility, engagement, and integration of learning resources in educational contexts.

You can use them to fulfill a wide variety of learning objectives or simply to include something new based in culture and story.

While I enjoy each and every one of these stories, three of my favorites include Waadookodaading, Hunting Deer, and Prayers in a Song.

The Ways originally began as a piece of the Wisconsin Media Lab (another great resource) and continues through the amazing work of a small group of wonderful humans.

Enjoy the stories and appreciate the cultures within the central Great Lakes!

Your librarian,

Katelyn Martens-Rodriguez

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