Wind River

I recently had the pleasure of seeing Wind River complete with a panel after the screening that included Gil Birmingham (actor), Jeremy Renner (actor), Elizabeth Olsen (actor), and Matthew George (producer). I didn’t really know what to think coming into the movie other than the fact that it was from the same writer as Hell or High Water. This was definitely one of the most memorable movies I’ve seen recently and truly hope it receives nominations for Academy awards. Moreover, I couldn’t help but think of the movie Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner as I left the theater. Congrats to writer Taylor Sheridan on integrating so much into one cohesive story line. One of the central issues within the film is murdered and missing Native women. This is an issue far too few people are even aware of here in the United States but is none the less ever present. Some of the articles  and resources I’ve found helpful include: ‘Sing Our Rivers Red’ March Casts New Light on Intergenerational Crisis from April 5, 2016 ‘We All Know Someone’: Tribal Community, Advocates Seek to Honor Missing and Murdered Native American Women from March 21, 2017 National Day of Awareness of Missing and Murdered Native Women and […]

Students Rebuild

In December of 2016 I posted about Students Rebuild and wanted to follow up on this thanks to the summer reading theme of Build a Better World in our public libraries. There are lots of great ways to extend our children and youth’s ideas of what it means to build a better world in our homes, classrooms, and community centers locally. However, if you’re looking for something global…I can think of no better way to extend the theme of building a better world this fall than through participating in the challenges put forth by Students Rebuild. Students Rebuild is a collaborative program of the Bezos Family Foundation and tackles some of the world’s most difficult problems, issues that one cannot affect alone, through challenges. They believe in coming together to make a collective impact and that every young person should have an opportunity to help others. Not everyone is able to fundraise but everyone is able to create simple, symbolic objects that the foundation matches with funding. They inspire young people worldwide to connect, learn, and take collective action on critical global issues. The Youth Uplift Challenge was the most recent way for students to give back. For each hand […]