Library Maps

At your library, do you have a map of the space? If so, how do you use it and what has the response been?

Here’s mine, imperfections and all!


Because I had reorganized the entire space and collection, I decided to create a map to serve two purposes.

  1. To get students and teachers familiar with the library.
  2. To increase the map skills of the students.

For the first part, I went over the map with classrooms and had it posted around the library. I also had a stack available at the desk in case anyone was interested in obtaining a copy.

For the second…

At our school, there were a significant amount of students with little to no abilities in reading a map. This was surprising and concerning. Therefore, I figured why not make this learning part of their time at the library. Every little bit helps and because it was such a challenging activity I made it into a game. Students were paired into groups (by their teacher in order to account for their skills in this area) and they were tasked with using the map to complete a series of questions. Each student had a role so no one was able to “let everyone else do the work.” Simply email me if you’d like a copy of this, it’s highly dependent on the physical collection of this library which is why it’s not posted here.

This became an activity I came back to several times as they had fun with it and it did help in their knowledge of the library space and where to find particular materials. A note, if you are using this activity, make sure to give the groups different sets of questions so everyone isn’t huddled in one area of the library at the same time!

So, do you have a map of your library? Share it below!

Your librarian,

Katelyn Martens-Rodriguez

A note on making the map…I ended up simply using Google Drawings (part of Drive). It worked well for my purposes and I simply spent a little bit of time on it each day until I was satisfied with the result.