Quality Resource: Youth for Human Rights

Youth for Human Rights is dedicated to making human rights a global reality. They do this by working from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights written in 1948 by the United Nations. As Americans, we are part of this document!

Best of all, for all of you who are teachers (remember that school librarians are teachers too), the kit for educators is completely free! The bonus is that it is designed for elementary, middle, and high school. Therefore, no matter your students, there is something for you. I’ve used these materials here in the US and while teaching abroad and they work. There are also plenty of resources available for download if you’d like to use something now or are not interested in ordering.¬†Check them out at:


While in a library setting, I made a display on a big wall above a bookshelf with each of the 30 rights included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I pointed this display out to students to use as a reference not only for lessons we were doing but also for the bookmark station. I always have a bookmark station, sometimes it’s just paper, scissors, and media for them to create their own but other times there are printed bookmarks ready for coloring. As a thank you for reading, these bookmarks are also accessible to you, for free!

Human Rights Bookmarks

Happy learning!

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You can also find the bookmarks on TeachersPayTeachers.

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