School Librarian for Hire!

It seems as if every day I hear about more and more jobs for qualified school librarians being cut. With sharing my time between MN and CA, I’m looking to be hired for remote assistance!

I was recently the school librarian for Fairmont Area Schools in southern Minnesota. As the elementary librarian, I was responsible for 900+ students and over 100 staff. Needless to say it was a BIG job that I was happy to put my efforts into. Though their was no way I could ever accomplish everything on the job description, I did make positive change in the two years I spent as their librarian.

They were a school that hadn’t had a qualified librarian in many, many years and it showed both in the collection and the utilization of library services. I’m not here to say I could ever accomplish that job remotely however I do know there are certain elements I am able to fulfill thanks to the internet and other amazing technological innovations.

The main tasks I’m able to fulfill for you include:

  • Professional Development
  • Learning Guides
  • Project-based / Peformance-based Assessments
  • Literacy Stations
  • Curriculum Development and Resource Curation
  • Fun Stuff (Personalized bookmarks, scavenger hunts, flyers, printables)

Please contact me if you are interested in contracting one of the services listed above (or something else entirely). If you want to read more about me, simply head over to the “About Me” menu. I’d love to be able to work from home and assist you in meeting your needs. Therefore this site and all of its resources run through my own passion and drive.

Last, (but definitely not least) if you are aware of any awesome PreK-12 schools in Minnesota (or the Madison, WI area) that are hiring a school librarian for the 2018-2019 school year, please let me know.

Your librarian,

Katelyn Martens-Rodriguez