Build a Better World

The Collaborative Summer Reading Program this year is “Build a Better World.” What better way to celebrate than with some bookmarks ready to be printed and colored at library or classroom? With six pages containing four designs per page, this resource gives you 24 different designs. Check out a sampling of the bookmarks included through the images below: Build A Better World Bookmarks PDF Love the bookmarks? Please consider donating to support their creation and the creation of similar future resources at: Your support allows for the creation of these resources. Thank you! Your librarian, Katelyn Martens-Rodriguez

Teaching with Word Clouds

Word clouds are a fun way to create images but also a great teaching tool. There are many ways to create a word cloud however I’m most familiar with traditional word clouds. These are the clouds that correlate the size of the word with its frequency or importance. I prefer this type of cloud in comparison to random clouds because of its potential for learning. I have found them to be a fantastic way to discuss popularity, frequency, and concepts within statistics. For example, the cloud below was created based on student responses to the question: What would you like to do for work when you’re finished with high school? / What job do you want when you’re older? (Students were in kindergarten, first, and second grade.) In terms of the logistics of creating a word cloud, my personal favorite is Tagul. I prefer to use this site because it’s free, user-friendly, and allows me to create a login in order to save projects for future use. For more information on teaching with word clouds, check out: Literacy in Science: Word Clouds from The Teaching Channel 5 Ways to Use Word Clouds in the Classroom by Siobhan Tumelty of Edudemic 200 Ways to Use Word Clouds […]

Door Displays

Doors are a great place for door displays! At the last school I was working, there were three sets of double doors with windows covering half of each door. During my second year there I began door displays. There was an informational sheet about the doors that remained the same for the length of the year while the other side changed every Monday school was in session.All pages were printed double-sided and kept in a three-ring binder. I used sheet protectors so I could keep track of when the sheet was last on display. This was done by simply place a post-it note on each page after it was used with the date(s) it was up. The three topics were: Nobel Peace Prize Laureates (People) The first week of the school year started with the most recent winner. Proverbs This set was in no particular order. U.S. Presidents The first week of the school year started with the 1st U.S. President. I used Core Knowledge for the basis of the proverbs display and plan to create more using their Dictionary of Cultural Literacy. It’s a great resource for background knowledge absent to many students. All images and information is cited and I plan […]