Teaching about American Indian Peoples

What better way to teach about American Indian Peoples than invite contemporary American Indian Peoples into your classroom? Teaching Tolerance recently published an article by Dr. Susan Faircloth, an enrolled member of the Coharie Tribe. She calls on educators and school leaders to become more responsive to Native children and families through her article, With and About: Inviting Contemporary American Indian Peoples Into the Classroom (Issue 56, Summer 2017). An excerpt, “When American Indian parents and families speak out against culturally inappropriate practices and educators are open to the possibility of new ways of teaching, it benefits not only American Indian students but their peers as well. Professional development and training can help educators adopt culturally relevant practices, but—beyond changing the way we teach—this process also requires attitudinal change. One of the easiest ways to change attitudes is to get to know the families we serve, particularly those whose culture(s) may be different than our own. When educators take the time to do this, they find that American Indian families want what all families want: for (in the words of Dr. Debbie Reese [Nambe Pueblo]) “the air [our children] breathe, and the books that [they] read to nurture [them], not hurt them.” […]

Fred Rogers

Short and sweet in honor of one of my childhood favorites and personal hero…Fred Rodgers! Check out the legacy of Mr. Fred Rogers by visiting the Fred Rogers Company. At the website you can learn all about their current productions and even check out their store filled with all kinds of fun things. Say hello to your neighbors! Your librarian, Katelyn Martens-Rodriguez

A Bit About Bulgaria Learning Guide / Curriculum

From 2010-2012 I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bulgaria. During the end of my time there I decided it would be useful to create a curriculum for students when I came back to the states. I finished this curriculum in 2012 however decided it needed an update now that we’re living in 2017. I’m happy to share that the entire learning guide / curriculum has been updated as of January 12th, 2017! Bulgaria is a small country in Eastern Europe that is home to a long history and strong culture. The topics included to not try to explain all aspects of life in Bulgaria but will give you a glimpse into many aspects of life within the country from 2010-2012. “A Bit About Bulgaria” is an integrated, student-centered, learning guide / curriculum that is a great addition to any social studies or homeschool curriculum. All videos incorporated into the activities were made with 5th and 6th grade students in Sliven, Bulgaria, from 2010-2012 in an after school English club. Additionally, these are accompanied with scripts for better understanding. I find it most successful with students in 5th-8th grade. Best of all, the activities do not need to be completed in […]

ReadyGen Support Materials

I was fortunate enough to be part of the team that assessed our options for new english language arts curriculums. ReadyGen, through Pearson, was the curriculum the team (and our administrators) decided to implement. This decision meant our classroom teachers were in for a leap from what they had become accustomed to. As with anything new, there was a great deal of work to be done within training and supporting our staff. While everyone is still working hard to make the necessary changes and find areas that need a few more resources, major strides have occurred. I wanted to share a few resources that support the learning of our 1st grade students: Arbor Day Cognate Memory Arbor Day Family Tree Bingo Please contact me if you’re interested in the creation of particular materials related to your curriculum(s) and/or grade levels. I enjoy creating fun, focused materials to support student learning. Your librarian, Katelyn

Anchor Charts and Graphic Organizers

Anchor charts and graphic organizers are commonly used items in most classrooms. Anchor charts are great ways to make thinking visible to record strategies, processes, cues, guidelines, and other aspects of the learning process. Graphic organizers are visual displays to depict the relationships between facts, terms, or ideas within a learning task. I’ve used a variety of resources to create charts and organizers for the educators I worked with. Several teachers also wanted 1/4 sheets for students to receive and paste into their notebooks. Is this something you prefer? All of them I’ve created are welcome for download and use from the following folder: Anchor Charts and Graphic Organizers What have you used and/or what are in you search of? Your librarian, Katelyn

About Me

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