Climate Change Learning Guide

It’s up to us to solve the climate crisis. This learning guide will help you in learning ways you can assist. Read what you’re able and share what you can! This guide is intended for middle and high school students. 

(Are you an educator? Please check out the list of references located at the bottom of this guide to find more resources.)

What is the climate crisis? Read through the following information to learn more about climate change. 

Short Answers to Hard Questions about Climate Change – This piece was updated July 6, 2017, and utilizes a Q&A format.

How do we know? – Check out NASA’s Global Climate Change evidence

The Essential Principles of Climate Literacy – Read about the seven essential principles and take note of something you can do that relates to each of them. If you’re looking for a more printable version to read offline, check out:

Climate Change is a Main Cause of the World’s Refugee Crisis – Read Kastalia Medrano’s article from June 29th, 2017, focusing on, “It’s not too late to mitigate what come next for climate change, but it is almost too late.” Included is also a report from VICE news about the true cost of climate denial (28:36 minutes).

Ultimate Guide to Weather and Climate Resources Online – Choose at least two links within any particular category to explore and strengthen your understanding of weather and the climate.

Carbon’s Casualties – Choose at least one of the stories published by the New York Times to read and summarize.

How can I help?

The Climate Reality Project – Speak truth to power by learning all about the climate reality project and teaching other ways they can assist in sustainable practices. Be sure to check out all the videos included as well!

If you’re interested in how to utilize these resources given specific time restraints please email me. I would be happy to set up a learning timeline for you!


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