Scientists Learning Guide

This “Scientists Learning guide” was created just for you and features 12 scientists. They are ordered alphabetically by first name and include: Albert Einstein, George Washington Carver, Jane Goodall, Louis Pasteur, Mae Jemison, Maria Mitchell, Marie Curie, Mario Molina, Melba Roy Mouton, Narinder Singh Kapany, Nikola Tesla, and Rachel Carson.

Each scientist includes at least two resources. At least one of these resources is a link to another website. When possible, there is also at least one video included to educate about the scientist. Another great resource you should check it out is what databases your library includes in their collection. PebbleGo is a great early elementary database that includes Albert Einstein, George Washington Carver, Jane Goodall, Louis Pasteur, Mae Jemison, Maria Mitchell, Marie Curie, Mario Molina, and Rachel Carson.

Without further ado, enjoy learning about these inspiring individuals!


Albert Einstein

Biography via the Nobel Prize

Einstein Archives

George Washington Carver

Biography via the State Historical Society of Missouri

Exhibition via the Field Museum

Jane Goodall

The Jane Goodall Institute

The Heroine Collective

Louis Pasteur

Encyclopedia Brittanica Biography

Mae Jemison

Biography via Scholastic

Maria Mitchell

Maria Mitchell Association

Maria Mitchell Discovers a Comet

Marie Curie

Biography via Atomic Heritage Foundation

Nobel Prize Biography

Mario Molina

Academy of Achievement Biography

Nobel Prize Biography

Melba Roy Mouton

NASA Archival Image

Meet Melba Roy Mouton via Women Rock Science 

American Institute of Physics

Narinder Singh Kapany

Biography via Sikh History

Nikola Tesla

Tesla Life and Legacy

Tesla Biography via the Tesla Memorial Society of New York

Full Documentary: Nikola Tesla Impossible Inventions via PBS

Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson: The Life and Legacy

National Women’s History Museum Biography


Further your learning by asking your local librarian what materials, both print and digital, are available. Chances are there will be at least one item of value to your learning. Many of these individuals have numerous books published about their lives.

I hope you enjoyed learning about these awesome individuals. Looking to learn about more scientists who were also women? Check out A Mighty Girl’s article Those Who Dared to Discover: 15 Women Scientists You Should Know. Please email me at katelyn at circulating knowledge dot com if you notice any errors or have comments, thank you!

Your Librarian,

Katelyn Martens-Rodriguez