Rachel Carson

Rachel Carson is one of my personal heroes. During our time of climate change and the continued assaults happening to our environment, she’s an even more essential historical figure. On January 24, 2017, PBS aired Rachel Carson through the American Experience series. Whether you’re familiar with Carson and her work or not, this documentary will add to your knowledge base. She was a writer, biologist, naturalist, and advocate. She’s someone who stepped outside her comfort zone to speak out for wildlife and the environment. The program is almost 2 hours in length and would be fitting in a middle school or high school science class. It would also be great for an evening or weekend event family event that was for parents and children ages 12 and older. It’s always challenging catering to the interests and needs of our middle school and high school youth. This topic is one many of them are in support of and will get behind. Please email me and I’d be happy to send you the program materials and plan I would use for this type of event! In addition, Carson is one of the scientists featuring in the Scientist Learning Guide. Thanks for reading and […]

Adult Learning Guide #1: Gun Violence

There is now a new category of learning guides… adult learning! The first guide is now available and provides learning opportunities for you and your colleagues to watch, read, explore, discuss, and take action on issues surrounding: Gun Violence This, and all future adult learning guides, can be accessed through the “learning guides” menu. A timeline and printout are available for those of you interested in implementing this learning with your colleagues and/or community members. These resources are linked at the beginning of the learning guide. I’ve embedded all videos and made links to articles, artistic commentaries, and websites to centralize learning. Please email me with your comments or questions. Your librarian, Katelyn Martens-Rodriguez  

Quality Resource: BBC Learning English

The first thing I thought went I learned of the BBC’s Learning English site was…”Why didn’t I know about this earlier?” I spent two years teaching english as a foreign language in Bulgaria as a Peace Corps volunteer. This site would have come in handy many, many, many times. The site has been inspiring language learning since 1943! It currently includes six courses of varying levels. In addition, it features learning within nine topic areas if you’re looking for learning related to something specific like work, university, or the news. Furthermore, the site is available in seven languages if you’d like to navigate in a language other than English. Check it out: BBC Learning English Thanks for reading, happy learning, and share, share away! Your librarian, Katelyn Martens-Rodriguez