Bravo! Poems About Amazing Hispanics

A quick post today to share a book review of Bravo! Poems About Amazing Hispanics Read the entire review at CCBlogC and follow what the Cooperative Children’s Book Center is up to on their website. Thanks for your support! Your librarian, Katelyn Martens-Rodriguez

Book Recommendation: Scales on Censorship

Scales on Censorship: Real Life Lessons from School Library Journal written by Pat R. Scales, edited by Rebecca T. Miller and Barbara A. Genco, is a must-read for any librarian or educator interested in or dealing with issues of censorship. Though much of this information is available online through Scales’ column with SLJ, it’s handy to read it in one package. The chapters organize Q&A collected from Pat Scales’ decades of experience into topical bundles of usefulness. Whether you’re looking for advice, useful online resources, or simply want to learn more, check out Scales on Censorship at your local library! The Scales on Censorship column is still going strong at SLJ, check it out at: Scales on Censorship Column Your librarian, Katelyn Martens-Rodriguez