Library Maps

At your library, do you have a map of the space? If so, how do you use it and what has the response been? Here’s mine, imperfections and all!   Because I had reorganized the entire space and collection, I decided to create a map to serve two purposes. To get students and teachers familiar with the library. To increase the map skills of the students. For the first part, I went over the map with classrooms and had it posted around the library. I also had a stack available at the desk in case anyone was interested in obtaining a copy. For the second… At our school, there were a significant amount of students with little to no abilities in reading a map. This was surprising and concerning. Therefore, I figured why not make this learning part of their time at the library. Every little bit helps and because it was such a challenging activity I made it into a game. Students were paired into groups (by their teacher in order to account for their skills in this area) and they were tasked with using the map to complete a series of questions. Each student had a role so […]