Quality Resource: Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of he most amazing, free resources available for students, teachers, and parents. There is so much information available it’s hard to know where to start! My recommendation is to start by checking out the list of subjects. From there you can click on whatever subject interests you the most and start learning. The math is split by grade level and subject as this is where Khan Academy got its start. For the remaining subjects, you’ll find many more related topics once you click on one. Challenge yourself to learn something new within a subject you know very little about. One of my favorites is Khan Academy’s partner content titled “Pixar in a Box.” You can find it by searching for “pixar” in the search box. This lesson guide is filled with all kinds of information about the processes behind a Pixar film. Finally, did you know there is a Khan Academy lab school in the Bay area? Check out A Day at the Khan Lab School by Malaina Kapoor to learn more or visit their website at khanlabschool.org. Happy learning! Your librarian, Katelyn Martens-Rodriguez

Quality Resource: PBS Kids

This post is short and sweet ūüôā On January 15th, PBS announced it was expanding access to PBS Kids! While there was already a great selection, it’s now even better! Check out their¬†array of children’s educational media on your local PBS station or online through¬†pbskids.org. After arriving at the website, click on “videos” and then “live TV” and you can watch your local station anytime, online. By clicking on “learn more” above the show you can even see the intended audience, the goal, and a description of the show. In addition,¬†PBS Kids brings you¬†videos, games, and shows suitable to most audiences. This site is a great option for “fun fridays” or other times students are using devices within a fun free time setting. It’s also a great thing to recommend to parents and families who may be wondering what is appropriate to use with their youngest children. Happy watching and interacting! Your librarian, Katelyn Martens-Rodriguez

A Bit About Bulgaria Learning Guide / Curriculum

From 2010-2012 I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bulgaria. During the end of my time there I decided it would be useful to create a curriculum for students when I came back to the states. I finished this curriculum in 2012 however decided it needed an update now that we’re living in 2017. I’m happy to share that the entire learning guide / curriculum has been updated as of January 12th, 2017! Bulgaria is a small country in Eastern Europe that is home to a long history and strong culture.¬†The topics included to not try to explain all aspects of life in Bulgaria but will give you a glimpse into many aspects of life within the country from 2010-2012. “A Bit About Bulgaria” is an integrated, student-centered, learning guide / curriculum that is a great addition to any social studies or homeschool curriculum. All videos incorporated into the activities were made with 5th and 6th grade students in Sliven, Bulgaria, from 2010-2012 in an after school English club. Additionally, these are accompanied with scripts for better understanding. I find it most successful with students in 5th-8th grade. Best of all, the activities do not need to be completed in […]

Quality Resource: MIA

The Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) provides¬†quality online resources for teachers and families related to their collections. This FREE museum is located in Minneapolis, MN, and is open Tuesday through Sunday of each week (closed some holidays).¬†MIA is home to some amazing¬†collections and exhibitions; additionally, many of these works are available online for those of you unable to visit in person. Explore MIA by going to their homepage or clicking on one of the topics below: Teacher Workshops Youth & Family Gallery Maps Activities and Scavenger Hunts for Self-Guided Groups Online Resources Art Adventure On a personal note, I was fortunate enough as a student that our school was granted the opportunity for us to learn about some of the artists featured at the MIA as 4th grade students. We viewed works on slides and wrote about them in preparation for our field trip to see many in-person. We all received our own black 3-ring binder with loose leaf pages in it to sit and write in front of works of art. I vividly remember this unique opportunity to increase our writing skills through the arts and am grateful for teachers at my elementary school¬†for providing us this experience. Thanks […]