The Great Wall of Los Angeles

This summer I was able to visit the Great Wall of Los Angeles. This was a destination that came up when I was searching for free things to do in Los Angeles that looked interesting. And though it looked like everyone else there was catching Pokemon, the mural completely exceeded our expectations. It’s an amazing depiction of California’s history from prehistoric times to the 1950s. Though a lot of the material was unfamiliar to me, it made me want to learn a lot more about the history of California. The mural is 1/2 mile in length and is located in the Tujuna Flood Control Channel of the San Fernando Valley. Most importantly, it was created by SPARC – the Social and Public Art Resource Center – that have been creating sites of public memory since 1976. This mural in particular began in the summer of 1976 with a team of 80 youths, 10 artists, and 5 historians collaborating under the direction of Chicana artist Judith Franciso Baca. By 1980 the mural was more than a 1/2 of a mile and had consumed some 600 gallons of paint and 65,000 kid-hours. To date the number of participating youths has reached over 400; however, this wall is […]

Quality Resource: Core Knowledge

The last post focused on door displays with proverbs being one of the topics included. This was chosen thanks to Core Knowledge. Core Knowledge is an amazing foundation built on the idea that knowledge builds on knowledge. It was founded in 1986 by E.D. Hirsch and continues to work toward every child receiving a high quality education. Read Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know by E.D. Hirsch in order to gain the knowledge of where Core Knowledge (not to be confused with Common Core) is coming from and why it’s organized the way it is. The resources from Core Knowledge are completely free for download or you can order them if you would like printed copies. They have CKLA (Core Knowledge Language Arts) and HGCA (History, Geography, Civics, and the Arts). HGCA is for 3rd – 5th grades and is currently under development. CKLA is completed and available for preschool through 5th grades. Please visit the website if you’re unfamiliar with this foundation and check out what resources are helpful to you! Thanks for reading! Your librarian, Katelyn

Quality Resource: NewseumED

At least twice a month I will be posting about quality resources that I have either used or am interesting in using in the future related to recent posts. This is the first and features resources from the Newseum! It correlates with my previous post on The Fledgling. If you are looking for ways to enhance your instruction in history, media literacy, and civics, check out NewseumED! There are FREE learning tools on media literacy and our First Amendment freedoms for students in grade three through adults. As soon as you complete your free registration, all materials are ready and waiting to assist your instruction within five categories: ED Tools This section allows you to search hundreds of standards-aligned lesson plans, artifacts, case studies and more that bring the Newseum’s content and collection to you. ED Classes & Training This section helps you find information about free standards-aligned workshops for students visiting the Newseum, plus virtual classes, professional development for teachers and adult team building programs. (most of this section requires you to be in or planning to visit Washington, D.C.) ED Collections This section allows you to explore important topics in-depth using primary sources, artifacts from the Newseum’s collection and interactive learning tools. ED Ideas […]