Elephant & Piggie Like Reading!

Elephant & Piggie books. What more can I say? I LOVE Mo Willems and all of his books. Since the series is now complete (sorry to break the news to you if you didn’t already know), there is a whole new set of books coming out by a variety of wonderful authors called the….wait for it… Elephant and Piggie Like Reading! I was fortunate enough to see Dan Santat read The Cookie Fiasco in person a few months back and knew I had to check out the rest of the books. Currently, four books make up this series, they include (all are humorous): It’s Shoe Time! by Bryan Collier (topics: friends, family, concept – pairs) The Good for Nothing Button! by Charise Mericle Harper (topics: feelings, concept – colors) We Are Growing! by Laurie Keller (topics: growth, english language arts – adjectives and superlatives) The Cookie Fiasco by Dan Santat (topics: sharing, math – counting and division) What a wonderful collection not only to add to your library or classroom but to use for storytimes! Mo Willems even has an activity kit just for this series that you can find at: Elephant & Piggie Like Reading Activity Kit Your librarian, Katelyn Martens-Rodriguez P.S. For all of you who […]

Quality Resource: Khan Academy

Khan Academy is one of he most amazing, free resources available for students, teachers, and parents. There is so much information available it’s hard to know where to start! My recommendation is to start by checking out the list of subjects. From there you can click on whatever subject interests you the most and start learning. The math is split by grade level and subject as this is where Khan Academy got its start. For the remaining subjects, you’ll find many more related topics once you click on one. Challenge yourself to learn something new within a subject you know very little about. One of my favorites is Khan Academy’s partner content titled “Pixar in a Box.” You can find it by searching for “pixar” in the search box. This lesson guide is filled with all kinds of information about the processes behind a Pixar film. Finally, did you know there is a Khan Academy lab school in the Bay area? Check out A Day at the Khan Lab School by Malaina Kapoor to learn more or visit their website at khanlabschool.org. Happy learning! Your librarian, Katelyn Martens-Rodriguez

Quality Resource: Lego Education

Lego Education is a great resource to satisfy your curricular needs. I have experience working with the Lego StoryStarter curriculum however based on how useful and well organized this kit was I would be inclined to think the others are the same. I would highly recommend to stick with their numbers of how many students per kit. I tried to stretch it and it did not work well. I stuck with smaller groups after that. I’m interested to try out the math curriculum they have available and pretty much anything else I can get supplies for. My favorite part about using legos is that is easily transfers learning to home. So many of my students love legos and love building. Doing activities in school allows them to replicate them at home with their own sets. I’m a proponent of anything that will get self-directed learning to occur with elementary through high school students. Check out Lego Education if you’re looking for new materials for your preschool through middle school students! Thanks for reading! Your librarian, Katelyn