Pom Racing

I was looking for fun ways to use leftover supplies and stumbled upon The Great Pom Pom Race. After reading, I decided this was a great activity for one of my library’s STEM Saturdays (something we are expected to do monthly). I edited it because I wanted it to be a fun, desirable activity for a variety of ages with a focus on a K-6 audience. I decided to make several different “tracks.” Two of them fell into the category of a maze. One required the participant to move from the outside to the center of a square and then back out again while the other required them to start at one entrance and make their way out of the maze through the other entrance. These were great individual activities requiring precision and focus. The goal here was not to hit the tape and to stay in the track (no focus on speed). Another track included a head-to-head race that was about two feet wide (for each person) and roughly 15 feet long. Two people could start at one end and race one another while also being timed. Amazingly, one participant did this one in 3 seconds (the overall winner)! […]