Author & Illustrator Spotlights

Happy Friday! I’m VERY excited to share a new resource that is finally ready to go live. In the “EXTRAS” menu above you will find a page titled: Author & Illustrator Spotlights As of today, there are 22 authors and/or illustrators included (in alphabetical order by first name). As stated at the top of the page: I believe author spotlights are a great way to encourage readers to try new materials. This list includes a variety of authors and/or illustrators I’ve spotlighted in the past (and plan to in the near future) in order to encourage their readership. I’ve tried to include their hometown, a quote, and extra resource (video or article) with each of them. Use as you please and notice there is a PDF (8.5 x 11 info page) to accompany most authors/illustrators. They are a wonderful addition to displays and make for fun signage to highlight parts of your collection (if you’re a librarian that is). The first page always contains the author’s photograph, a short bio, and a quote. The second page (if one exists) features the covers of their books. If you have an author you’d like to see information for simply message me. It’s hard to […]

Infographic: 200 Powerful Words to Use Instead of “Good”

I was recently contacted by the creator of a handy infographic that fits in well with the  128 Words to Use Instead of “Very” infographic. I envision this being extremely helpful to writers of any age. Please take a minute to check out: 200 Powerful Words to Use Instead of “Good” In order to make the infographic a bit more accessible for those of you that prefer black-and-white versions of each section, I’ve created a multi-page PDF to accompany the original. There are a few words that have been removed and some added however the rest remains the same. Below are links to the full page and quarter page versions of all sections of the above infographic. Powerful Words to Use Instead of “Good” – full pages PDF Powerful Words to Use Instead of “Good” – quarter pages PDF As always, please contact me if there’s any way I can be of assistance. Your librarian, Katelyn Martens-Rodriguez